Shoulder flexion


Client position: Supine position with hips and knees flexed. The arm rests on the mat with the elbow extended and palm facing inward.

Axis: Midpoint of the lateral acromion process in line with the head of the humerus

Stationary arm: Parallel to the midaxillary line of the trunk in line with the greater trochanter

Moving arm: Lateral midline of the humerus in line with the lateral epicondyle

Goniometer placement is the same for both shoulder flexion and extension.

Normal ROM: 0-180°

Example documentation:

AROM R shoulder flex 0-50°
AROM R shoulder flex 50°
AROM R shoulder shoulder flex WFL

PROM R shoulder flex 0-50°
PROM R shoulder flex 50°
PROM R shoulder shoulder flex WFL

Example Goal:
Within one week, client will increase AROM L shoulder flex 0-75° in preparation for writing on a SMART board.